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Patient Stories

Skier Back to Slaloms

Peter, Museum Curator, Northern Virginia

Bobby AddingtonPeter, 52, came to the Center for Orthopaedics and Sport Medicine (CFOSM) after unsuccessful surgery for a shoulder injury received in a skiing fall.

He had his labrum and rotator cuff repaired by another physician, and after several weeks of therapy, Peter didn't feel he was recovering as he should. He returned to the surgeon and was told the damage was so severe that it could not be repaired. At question was whether Peter could ever return to playing tennis – a sport he’s enjoyed since his teenage years.

“That diagnosis was unacceptable. I wanted a second opinion and friends recommended Center for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (CFOSM),” Peter said. “I saw Dr. (Lonnie) Davis, who did surgery and told me he saw nothing that would prevent me from returning to skiing and tennis. After a round of therapy, I made a full recovery and went back to the activities I enjoy.”

Admitting that 40 years of tennis takes its toll, knee pain sent Peter back to Dr. Davis about three years after his shoulder surgery. Wear-and-tear to the patella of his left knee required surgery. Like Dr. Davis’s work on his shoulder, the knee procedure went well.

“I’m back to my pre-knee surgery level of fitness. Dr. Davis told me my recovery has been faster than some of his younger patients. Of course, I take pride in that!

“All of my experiences at CFOSM have been excellent. I have recommended it to several people.”